Production and exploitation Department

In 1388 this department has starts its activities by exploitation from sarab ore mine which is located in Bijar Township.
Since 90-91 it had gotten an overriding degree as an exploiter for Kimia Sepahan Mines Co. in Kordestan Province.
This unit starts to make jobs by recruitment about150 person in direct way and about 300 person in circuitous way that we can shortly mention such kinds of subjected jobs as following:
Equipped, launching and exploitation of ore mine in Aalyeh Taybad in Kordestan Province.
Modeling and designing due to exploitation of Nodoshan ore mine in Yazd province.
Performing an explosive excavation sarab ore mine in kordestan province.
Equipped and performing excavation and making tunnel for Cheshme Poodeh mine in Kerman Proince.
Designing and installation of grinding line for limestone mine Niyan Minab Hormozgn province.
Optimization and grinding line process of sarab ore mine in Kordestan Province.